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Here at we have so many different nationalities that it never gets boring! Each person at our office brings its own personality and habits to the table: the Italian people always have the nicest lunch, the Spanish people always make us jealous with their beautiful language and the “Dutchies”, (as we call them) never miss out on a Friday drink.

Because all of us here come from somewhere else around the globe, we figured it might be nice to collect some insider’s tips on cities worldwide!  So basically what you get is two for the price of one: get to know the hidden hotspots in popular capitals + get to know the faces behind!  Is that great or what? :)

I decided to start these “Interview Specials” with Lisa who comes from Berlin!



Name: Lisa Traub
Position: Junior Account Manager Berlin
Moved to the Netherlands: 1.5 years ago

Why did you move to Amsterdam?
“The main reason why I moved here is because of my boyfriend at that time. Sadly that relationship didn’t work out. However, because I was a student at the time as well, I had to do my internship so I did it here in Amsterdam, and now I have a great job in return!”

What are the things, (if any!) that you like the most in Amsterdam?
“I love the summer time here, so many good festivals to go to and the atmosphere in the city is just great. I also like the nightlife vibe; there are many cool places in the city for each person’s taste! Another thing which I love about Amsterdam is the beautiful architecture and of course the canals!”

What are the things, (if any!) that you don’t like about Amsterdam?
“I think the thing which bothers me the most here is the housing situation; not only that it’s almost impossible to find a nice flat to rent, everything is too expensive and people always try to fool you with money. “

Berlin - Berlin Wall

Berlin – Berlin Wall

Ok, enough about Amsterdam, let’s talk about Berlin! Can you please give us some inside tips on the coolest places to go to?
“Sure! There are many of them…”  Because you cannot do them all, we’ve narrowed them down a little:
•    Rosis – “One of my favorite spots in town! The Rosis looks like an old living room and you will not find any person with a stuck-up attitude there!  The music is mostly cool electronic vibes and you can be sure that you will always have a nice time.  In the summer time there are some hammocks hung outside in their garden and then you can just chill out there, watching the stars.”
•    Cassiopeia – “Very cool and alternative club; aside from dancing, there is also a small movie theatre, climbing wall, (no recommendable in a very drunk situation!) and theme parties.  All music types are being played here, it just depends on the night you go.”
•    Spreepark – “This is by far the most unique and bizarre spot in Berlin. The place is basically an amusement park that got closed because of bankruptcy a few years ago.  Even though the park is not open for visitors anymore, I’ve been told some people climb the fence and enjoy the attractions that are still there…”
•     Bergmannkiez -“My favorite district for shopping, eating and drinking! You can find many cool second hand shops here, and little bars, side-streets full of surprises and quiet cafes. Take your afternoon off and just stroll around to see some exclusive shops. Then finish the day with a cold beer somewhere nearby, highly recommended. “
For those of you have only little time to spend in this lovely city, here are 5 things you simply cannot miss, according to Lisa:
1.    Eat Döner (the best if the world, guarantee!)
2.    Eat a Curry Wurst sausage
3.    Drink Berliner Weisse – it’s a combination of beer with sweet syrup – DELICOUS!
4.    Take the 100 bus line, anywhere! It will take you all over Berlin, (same as the tourist bus does)  for just a small fare
5.     Go to the bakery and order Schrippe. It is my all time favorite German bread.
Lisa: thank you for all the tips! It is really nice to hear about all the local’s picks rather than the same-old tourists’ attraction. I can’t wait to go back to Berlin and this time, I will do it the right way!

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  1. Wouter Blok says:

    I always have Currywurst and Champaign at Kudamm 195. Very awkward but rewarding combination when you’re having a night on the town.

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