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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for us travelers, it is also a great window to the personality and culture of a country. Breakfast meals around the world differ from city to city, state to state, but they are always a good excuse to indulge without any guilt. Because if you are anything like us, you could eat these meals for the entire day.

So get ready, pack your eating pants and join us on a trip through some of the world’s tastiest breakfast meals.

Full English


While visiting the land of the queen, make sure to enjoy some eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, bread, black pudding and baked beans. And of course a cup of tea with milk to wash it down.



Moroccans usually start their day with bread with jam, cheese, chutney and butter. A delicious Baghir pancake is also a common option.



Vegemite all the way! Aussies really enjoy their sticky, salty brown paste which goes with pretty much everything. Marmite is also an option if the first didn’t excite you.



Brazilians are very loyal to their local bakeries, therefore choose your favorite and eat a ‘Pao na chapa’ (grilled bread with butter), and a ‘pingado’ ( Brazilian version of a latte) or orange juice to wash it down.



‘Cappuccino e cornetto’ aka a cappuccino and croissant are Italians’ favorite.

South India


Dosa ( a savory crepe), with curried potatoes and vegetables which can be dunked in a delicious Sambar sauce ( stew with lentils and vegetables). Idlis (steamed cakes made out of rice and black lentils) is also an option in combination with tomatoes, coconut or mint for a very filling meal.



Miso soup, a bed of rice, fish, and pickled radishes is a great start to your day in the land of the rising sun.

United States


A bowl of sugary cereals, or a plate of pancakes, eggs and bacon are a great way to get started on your daily calorie intake American style.



Fried yellow noodles with a small amount of vegetables and sometimes meat (usually chicken) in a slightly spicy sauce, served with an egg on top. Do not worry, you can have it for lunch as well!



The Dutch start their day with bread with butter and ‘hagelslag’ (famous Dutch chocolate sprinkle). Coffee or Chocomelk ( sugary chocolate milk) to wash it down.


Gallo Pinto Nicaragua

Fried eggs, fried platanos, fried cheese, homemade tortilla and gallo pinto make up for the perfect Nicaraguan breakfast.



If you like oatmeal and yogurt, you will love the traditional Bircher Muesli, which is a very Swiss way to start the day.


l (2)

Cheese, fresh juice, olives, jam and butter are all regulars, you can also eat the delicious shakshuka ( eggs in tomato sauce) or of course, the always present Hummus.

What did you have for breakfast in your home country? Let us know in the comments below.

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