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Berlin presents an exciting mix of two main elements; with 400,000 trees there’s the opportunity to explore the great outdoors and with 4000 people per square km it offers a plethora of busy, city-based activities as well. If you’re heading to the city with a group of friends then you’re in luck; Berlin presents a range of first rate activities to help a group keep busy and active. The top options are as follows.

Berlin (1)

Berlin (1)

Visit Grunewald

Grunewald is a huge forested area in Berlin which is perfect for hiking, cycling, horse riding and picnicking. If you’re heading to the city in summer then take a dip in the clear waters of the Schlachtensee freshwater lake, or climb the Teufelsberg, a rising, man-made hill. Take your group to this beautiful part of the city and start your holiday with some action alongside a pleasant picnic!

Grunewald - perfect for outdoor activities (2)

Grunewald – perfect for outdoor activities (2)

Walk the wall

The Berlin Wall was mostly demolished sadly, but you can find a restored section along the southern border of Wedding and Mitte. You and your group can take a walk along the Wall by the Spree and notice how, although the graffiti’s been removed from the Northern section of the wall, the one-mile stretch known as the East Side Gallery is dedicated to art, so the paintings on the Eastern side are preserved.

East Side Gallery - Art on the Berlin Wall (3)

East Side Gallery – Art on the Berlin Wall (3)

Go Karting

Berlin’s best racing track is an ideal place to get active with your group- get your helmets on and strap yourselves in for some heart-pumping action. You can decide between individual grand prix races and endurance karting team events; whichever you decide you’re guaranteed an exciting, fast-paced time. Allow yourselves a morning or afternoon session- sessions are times by the half hour.

Trabant Rally

East Germany’s answer to the Volkswagen is now a collectable classic in the world of cars, and in Berlin you and your group can race one of these through the streets in all-out, medium-paced action. They actually go at a top speed of 56mph and have a two stroke engine, so don’t expect it to be too nail-biting; nevertheless, it’s an unusual activity and your group will thank you.

Speed it up - Trabant Rally in Berlin (4)

Speed it up – Trabant Rally in Berlin (4)

Beer bicycle

This activity does what it says on the tin and is great if your group’s looking to get active cycling while appreciating the beer and sights of Berlin! You’ll ride on a 14-seater bicycle while drinking and pedalling away. It’s an amusing activity for the novelty factor but not great if you’re looking to seriously get fit!

Although these are the top five choices, there are many other ways to stay busy in Berlin. You can jog through the Mauer Park, work out on Museum Island or climb the stairs of Kollhoff tower. Whatever you decide to do, Berlin is a striking city to visit and your group is sure to have an amazing time.

Berlin Skyline (5)

Berlin Skyline (5)

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