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This week on our ‘Interview Special’ we have Jean from the marketing team! Jean actually used to sit in front of me and he always had some nice food on his desk. While I was eating my healthy salads, he was enjoying his Mc Royal meals, when I had my daily Granola snack; he was making me jealous with his yummy doughnuts. Aside from tasty food Jean has a lot more to offer. Keep reading to learn more about him.

Jean and his girlfriend Julie

Jean and his girlfriend Julie

Name: Jean de Lagarrigue
Position: Marketing Executive (SEO)
Moved to the Netherlands: Few months ago

Why did you move to Amsterdam?

The reason I moved to Amsterdam is because of my internship, which obviously I do now for EasyToBook :-). My initial plan was to go to London to improve my English, but after I couldn’t find anything I saw that EasyToBook were looking for a French speaking person so I figured it was a sign from above!

What are the things (if any!) that you like the most in Amsterdam?

One of the things I like the most in Amsterdam is the option to ‘get lost’ in the city. I just love to discover new small streets that I’ve never seen before. I know it will sound a bit strange, (as people already have their not-so-flattering opinion) but I love to eat Dutch cuisine. I just find it exciting to taste food that I never tried before. Another thing I like about Amsterdam is the taxi boats. Before I came here I never knew they existed!

What are the things (if any!) that you don’t like about Amsterdam?

The thing that I like less about the city is the bad weather. Many mornings I wake up to a rainy day and dark clouds and I just want to stay in bed. Sometimes there is a day of unexpected sunshine and then in return it is raining for a whole week! The temperatures here are very low compare to Montpellier, my home town in the south of France.

Ok, enough about Amsterdam. Let’s talk about Montpellier! Can you please give us some inside tips on the coolest places to go to?

There are many things to see & do in Montpellier. Here are my favorite places:

  • A simple walk around the city centre can be a lot of fun. Strolling around, you will see the historical area: all around there are beautiful old houses with a lot of character and narrow alleys with small boutiques.
  • Go on a walking tour from ‘Place de La Comedie’ until the ‘Perou’ point, where you will have a stunning view of the city, the sea and the striking Cevennes mountains.

    Place de la Comedie

    Place de la Comedie

  • There is a beautiful district in town called ‘Antigone’, which was designed by Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill. This spot is totally unique and different from anything you’ve ever seen before. I love spending my time there and enjoy the chill-out atmosphere.



  • Montpellier is a city that is known to be full of life and energetic, because of all the students that live here. Go to the ‘Place Jean Jaurès’ where you will find many student bars and nice restaurants.

For those of you that have little time to spend in this lovely city, here are 5 things you simply cannot miss, according to Jean:

  • Taste the local specialties.
  • On Friday and Saturday nights the atmosphere downtown is absolutely amazing! Go check out what the bars and clubs have to offer.
  • You simple must visit the famous ‘Odysseum’ shopping centre! It was even been titled as the ‘best shopping center in Europe’ by the MAPIC Awards!
  • There is a beautiful beach just a few miles from Montpellier (between 10 and 30 minutes by car) and it is definitely worth a visit!
Rives du Lez

Rives du Lez

Thank you Jean for your tips! I always knew France is a beautiful country, but I must admit that I never heard about Montpellier before. Well, there is a big chance that it will be one of my next destinations to visit, especially thanks to the beach!

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