New Year’s Eve Traditions Around The World


When it comes to New Year’s Eve we all have our crazy superstitions. From ingeniously crafted resolutions that usually fail to sustain, to waiting until midnight to eat or wearing all white during the turning of the year, different countries go crazy in their own little way during the festivities.

These quirks are usually passed through generations, and even if we do not believe in their outcome, we still practice them religiously for the sake of a ‘what if’. We have selected some of the quirkiest New Year’s Eve traditions around the globe, so you can increase your chances for a prosperous 2014.

10. Colombia


Hoping for a travel filled 2014? then follow the Colombian tradition of carrying an empty suitcase around the block.

9. Denmark

Jumping off a chair

If you are afraid of heights you will have a problem entering the new year as a Dane. They jump off chairs at midnight believing that leaping through January banish bad spirits and bring good luck.

8. Spain


At midnight, Spaniards eat one grape for each stroke of the clock. In cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, people gather in major squares to celebrate the national tradition over some bottles of Cava.

7. Panama

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Locals burn dolls caricaturing well known politicians and celebrities, as they believe the tradition drive off evil spirits resulting on a fresh new year.

6. Finland

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The Finish cast a molten tin into a water container, and interpret the resulting shape once it has hardened. If it shapes like a heart or ring, start your wedding planning! If it is shaped like a pig you will have plenty of food in the forthcoming year. And ultimately, if it shapes like a ship, there will be a lot of traveling in the year to come.

5. Brazil


Brazilians enter the year buying new colorful underwear and flock to the beach to jump seven waves at midnight. Some say that you are granted one wish for each wave jumped.

4. Greece

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In Greece, families bake a silver or gold coin into a cake. Whoever finds the coin in their piece will be especially lucky during the coming year.

3. Norway

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Norwegians make rice pudding at New Year’s and hide one whole almond within. Guaranteed wealth goes to the person whose serving holds the lucky almond.

2. Wales


At the first toll of midnight,Welsh open their back doors and then shut to release the old year and lock out all of its bad luck. Then at the twelfth stroke of the clock, the front door is opened and the New Year is welcomed with all of its luck.

1.  Estonia


If you spend NYE in Estonia, do not forget to bring your eating pants. Estonians usually hold a 12 course dinner during the festivities, and it is believed that the men that are able to eat twelve dishes could expect abundance of food on the year to come. The tradition has changed overtime, now food has been replaced by liquor.

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What are the new year’s superstitions in your country? Share them on the comments below.

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