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A genius guide to efficiently pack your travel bag

To master the art of packing a carry-on is key for any traveler: it can save you a lot of money on baggage fees and not having to check in your baggage will help you to get in and out … Continue reading

Places to Visit in Seattle

Seattle has a long lasting fame for its unique contribution to the world, from flannel shirted Grunge to the steaming sweetness of Starbucks coffee. Although the rain in the city is predominant, do not think that people stay in and … Continue reading

Top Places to Visit in San Francisco

  San Francisco is one of the most popular cities in the U.S. among tourists, who come to see all of the worldwide famous attractions, featured in most Hollywood films and series, turning them familiar to the rest of the … Continue reading

7 Alternative Places to Visit in The U.S

The United States is one of the most diverse countries to visit in the world. Maybe due to its size or peculiar residents make the country a haven for pretty much any interests a tourist can have. Big cities like … Continue reading

Las Vegas on a Budget

  The first things that comes to mind when one thinks of Las Vegas is shinning lights, four digits cocktail bar bills, stretch limousines and gambling, which is not too far from reality. Although these are some of the elements … Continue reading

The World’s Best Street Food

One of the worst advice anyone could give a fellow traveler is to completely avoid street food while traveling. Street food is one of the best insights travelers could get into the national culinary, and better yet it can help … Continue reading

Strangest Museums Around the World

If you are anything like us, your traveling consists of an endless quest for the most unique elements of each destination. We all know it is great to see iconic landmarks a.k.a Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Statue of Liberty… but … Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Rio de Janeiro Part II

In a previous post, we have covered some of the best attractions in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. The city has plenty to offer for visitors, which makes it impossible to cover the best spots in a single … Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Rio de Janeiro part I

Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s most popular city, with a population of over 6 million people, breathtaking landscapes and a world famous 73.4 kilometers coast, it is not hard to understand why the city is often referred as ‘cidade maravilhosa’ … Continue reading

Top 7 Cities to Party in Europe

If the nightlife of a city is a decisive factor in your traveling, this post is for you! We have selected the top 7 party destinations in Europe to attend to all of your wildest fantasies. All of these destinations … Continue reading