Stay Healthy While Traveling


Most travelers would agree that as much as touring different countries keeps our souls healthy, most of the time we can not say the same about our bodies. Usually we use trip as an excuse to unwind from our daily lives, diets and schedules, which could potentially take a toll in our health and well-being, specially for constant travelers.

Business travelers are the most affected by the disadvantages of over-indulging while on the road. For a longer period of time, a decrease in productivity can be clearly seen as the days go by.

The travel industry has been attending to the new health-conscious target audience, offering not only light menus in their restaurant, as well as workout apps and videos in order to keep fit while on-the-go. Therefore, there is no plausible excuse for packing  pounds just because you are overseas.

We have selected some of the little arrangements we’ve acquired while on the road, in order to keep us healthy and energized.

Eat healthy


When one travels to Italy, the last thing that comes to mind is eating a salad for dinner. We like to enjoy the local food, which does not seem to have an affect on locals’ bodies. We would not dare to advise you to dodge the calorie filled local menu completely, but there are certainly ways to keep your diet balanced.

A good way to balance is to have at least two healthy meals a day. If you would like to indulge with some caloric Burritos or Pad Thai for lunch, you can alternate them with a lighter dinner.

It also helps to pack your own lunch, or buy a ready healthy meal. It is easier than having to compromise on unhealthy options for the sake of convenience. Pack dried fruits and nuts as a snack (my favorites are pistachios and dried cranberries), pack a fresh salad or sandwich for lunch. If you are traveling by car, bring a cooler as it will expand your options a whole lot.


download (4)Exercising while on the run has never been so convenient. Hotels usually provide guests with gym facilities or discounts for a gym day-pass. If both of these are not available, you can ask the concierge for tips on local parks and running tracks or a local swimming pool for a few laps (If the hotel does not have one). Another good way to exercise is by renting  a bike for sightseeing or getting to meetings conveniently while burning those extra calories.

Keep in touch with family and friends


If you are traveling for an extended period of time on your own, it can get lonely. That’s why it is always a good idea to talk with family or friends even if you do not have any news, it is definitely a relaxing way to end the day.



It is always the best way to explore a city anyway. Just get lost in the city center in order to find hidden gems and burn some of the extra calories.

 Try to maintain a schedule


This is one of the hardest tasks when traveling abroad. With all the jetlag and different schedules, it is hard to maintain some normalcy in our lives when on the road. This can be curbed by maintaining some every day rituals, maybe having breakfast at the same time, or exercising at the same hour and most importantly going to bed at the same time, it can help your metabolism to work a lot healthier.

 Stay hydrated


Even when traveling to cold locations, it is very important to have at least three liters of water per day to aid our bodies to work in an optimal manner. Don’t forget to have a bottle of water near at all times, it will definitely keep you fresh and curb unnecessary snacking, as our bodies can’t always discern thirst from hunger.

Make time to enjoy some “me” time.


Even if you have a tight schedule during your trips, don’t forget to disconnect and go outside for a walk, do some yoga in your hotel room, or just sit and read a book. We are usually very unstable when traveling for business, taking some ‘me’ time will definitely have a positive influence on your performance as well as your well being.

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