The Best Honeymoon Destinations In The UK


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The honeymoon phase of marriage is one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime. New couples enjoy this wonderful experience in a vast array of unique places. The UK has some of the most romantic settings for honeymooners to enjoy one of their most intimate times together. Below are some of the best honeymoon destinations in the United Kingdom.

St. Ives, Cornwall

St. Ives is a seaside town that has everything for a short break and a long holiday. Honeymooners can enjoy great food, drinks and superb coastal walks along the beach. St. Ives is known the world over as one of the best places to holiday, and was voted ‘Best United Kingdom Seaside Town’ from the British Travel Awards in both 2010 and 2011. St. Ives presents the perfect love nest for honeymooners. Here, you can look forward to long dreamy days of relaxation with your new spouse. Choose from a variety of romantic housing options from beach huts to converted ale wagons. This wildly romantic setting lets new couples take in the wilderness of sea, sands and the picturesque cliffs of the north coast. The heavenly days in this idyllic paradise are often spent enjoying candlelit dinners and stargazing on decking, and guests are wafted to sleep by the soothing sound of the sea.

St. Ives, Cornwall (1)

St. Ives, Cornwall (1)

Bath, Somerset

Everywhere you look in Bath, you are surrounded by gorgeous countryside views, great food and cultural riches. A city with a diverse landscape, many newcomers are amazed to see the rolling fields, breath-taking valleys and beautiful villages of Somerset. Visitors can enjoy the sweet embrace of pristine nature as they stroll through acres of roses and equestrian fields. The city is famous for its architecture, and you can witness such works as its Abbey and the Royal Crescent. Bath is home to some of the stateliest structures in all of England, and choosing where you want to stay for your honeymoon is key. Lucknam Park, a 42-room Palladian mansion, is one of the most exquisite facilities in Bath. Here, you will truly feel like royalty, surrounded by chimneys, towers and turrets. The suites are as luxurious as they come, featuring big fireplaces, golden carpets and views to die for.

Bath, Somerset (2)

Bath, Somerset (2)

Burgh Island, Devon

Burgh Island is an amazing tidal island that was the setting to several Agatha Christie novels. Burgh Island is the perfect place for new couples to experience the stunning views of South Devon’s dramatic coastline. Meander along the coastline and watch as dolphins playfully scurry across the waters or enjoy the sunset, with only robins, cormorants and seagulls as company. Burgh Island has many choices when it comes to accommodation. With everything from beach houses to country cottages, you are sure to find the perfect romantic setting.

Burgh Island, Devon (3)

Burgh Island, Devon (3)

Regardless of whether you are from the United Kingdom or simply looking to visit for a romantic getaway, these locations are the perfect setting for any honeymoon. Outstanding sights and quintessential tales of romantic hideaways and havens summarise the outstanding experiences that are available to embrace here.

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