Top 7 Travel Activities Around The World


The world is a compilation of endless soulful cultures and breathtaking landscapes which are just waiting to be explored. By traveling you can expand your understanding and tolerance of things you did not even know existed.

Although some tourists believe that they can immerse themselves into a country’s culture by booking a plane ticket and 5-star resort, it is not even close to the reality.

We have selected some of the experiences that one must have at least once in a lifetime. by partaking in some of these experiences, you will learn not only how special each country is, but also get to know ideas and feelings you did not even know a trip could produce.

7. Visit Rio During Carnival

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The greatest party in the world is a unique opportunity to get an unprecedented insight into the culture of this always lively country. The festivities lasts for a full week, where the whole city stops in order to dance. There is even a saying in the country that says that the year only starts after carnival, which is hosted by major cities in the last week of February. Get the chance to participate in some street parades and parties and nevertheless mingle with the always friendly locals.

Tip: Book hotels and party arrangements in advance, as they are full months in advance.

6. Learn Tango in Buenos Aires


Learn one of the most passionate dances in the world. The tango is an iconic dance originated from Argentina and admired by the rest of the world. During your stay in Buenos Aires take a crash course and attempt some steps on the many Milongas in the city. This is undoubtedly an once in a lifetime experience.

Tip: Book an awesome private lesson if you are visiting for a longer period.

5. Cook Paella in Barcelona


If you are planning an extended trip to Barcelona, make sure to check some of the best cookery schools in Europe. Learn how to cook a perfectly traditional Paella, how to make the best Gamba plates or the most delicious Gazpacho. It is a great way to mingle with locals in workshops and local markets as well as a much needed expansion to your culinary skills.

Tip: Check Annie B’s Spanish Kitchen, she offers very dynamic cookery courses for tourists.

4.Dive in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

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Did you know that this 2,600 kilometer reef is the only visible site from outer space? Apart from that, this amazing place is home to some of the best snorkel safaris and dive trips in the world. The unearthly beauty of this place will definitely provide you with great memories. Composed by more than 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands that house 30 species of whales and dolphins, six species of sea turtles and more than 215 species of birds, it is definitely a destination not to be missed.

Tip: The best time to visit the Great Barrier Reef is from June to November, when the weather is mild and visibility is generally good. 

3. Safari in South Africa


It is way more exciting than watching Animal Planet! During the excursions you can see wild animals in their natural habitat from your guided tour car. If this is your first safari, you should visit Krueger National Park or Hluhluwe-iMfolozi for a great experience.  These parks are immense and they can provide visitors from utter desolation to savannas rich in wildlife.

Tip: Make sure to book camps or Safari groups that are more distant for a less touristic experience.

2. Walk through Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu

A very touristic place, but it is still a great place to learn the amazing history of the Inca Empire. Once abandoned and forgotten, today it is bustling with hungry tourists, with as many as 2,500 visitors a day. With breathtaking landscapes to the Pre-Columbian ruins filled with history, it is definitely a destination to be visited. Located 2,430 meters above sea levels, you can experience the emerald green grass and curtains of fog which add to the already mysterious atmosphere

Tip: If you are visiting the national parks, you will notice that very little information on the ruins are provided, which aesthetically speaking is a good thing. If you crave for more information one of the hidden gems is the excellent Museo de Sitio Manuel Chávez Ballón ($8 entry) which will explain all the important details about Machu Picchu and its construction.

1. Visit Rome Food Markets


One of the most incredible activities to do while visiting Rome is to visit their amazing food markets. There, you can experience shopping like a local, and having the opportunity to make great Italian food from scratch. Sellers will provide with great tips in order to make your favorite dish to perfection, well, if they speak English of course. This market is definitely the best opportunity one will have to immerse themselves in the Italian food culture.

tips:  You can check this blog for a detailed overview of the best markets in Italy.

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