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Antwerp is a city which can pride itself on some incredible museums, picturesque galleries, sculpted streets and architectural gems, but also laced with beautiful green areas and peaceful corners. That is enough to make travelers belittle the importance of proper booking for plane tickets, hotel rooms, sightseeing reservations…

It seems we’ve become addicted to the feeling of booking the unknown, to hope for the best, to put ourselves on the spot to save a few bucks. Sometimes this practice leads to a fun experience, but there are those times in which you are not in the mood for surprises.

I cannot grasp the amount of times I’ve told myself those travel cliches: “Next time I will do my homework!” or “I would have preferred to pay a little more for fewer headaches!” or even “If only I had known!”

 The point is… you knew it! It seems we’ve already created this idea that it is OK to bear the nuisance of false advertising. Even worse, we’re used to the idea that it is OK to unpack our bags into a room which has a hazy resemblance to the one in the picture, to say the least. Somehow, we are given this imaginary burden which impels us to try new things, well… in some situations we don’t!

It’s OK to play it safe… when booking a hotel!

Hilton Antwerp – A central location on the historic town square

The Hilton Antwerp is located in the very heart of the historic center of Antwerp, overlooking the charming Groenplaats with the Cathedral of our Lady. It is just steps away from world-class shopping, museums, restaurants and bars and definitely the place to be when you are in Antwerp. The hotel features spacious accommodations, large marble bathrooms with separate shower and bathtub. During your stay, enjoy complimentary access to the fitness room 24/7. Also, pamper yourself with an Executive room/Suite and enjoy access to the Executive Lounge with complimentary snacks and drinks throughout the day and access to a private outside terrace with a breathtaking view on the Groenplaats and the Cathedral.

Studios 1-2-3 Antwerp

A rooftop terrace and free breakfast are just some of the great things you’ll find at Studio 1-2-3 an excellent solution for guests looking for luxury Antwerp bed & breakfasts that are near a shopping district. There are many great attractions nearby, including Museum Mayer van den Bergh, Modemuseum, Rubens House and Plantin Moretus Museum.

Crowne Plaza Antwerp

The room choice is plentiful at Crowne Plaza Antwerp. You can expect a memorable stay there, thanks to the 4-star rating. The distance to Antwerp International Airport is 3.5 km (2.2 miles). Openluchtmuseum voor Beeldhouwkunst is 1.1 km (0.7 miles) from here, and is well worth visiting when you are planning a short or longer stay in Antwerp.

Leopold Hotel Antwerp

When you do not want to come by car, coming by public transport is easy via nearby Centraal Station. Guests at Leopold Hotel Antwerp are closest to Antwerp International Airport when flying in. The Antwerp Zoo and Flandria Boat Trips on the River Scheldt are both just a short walk away from here. The area is rich in points of interest, such as Brabo Fountain. Museums in the near surroundings include Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten and Het Steen Museum.

Ramada Plaza Antwerp

You can bask in options aplenty at Ramada Plaza Antwerp thanks to its great size. This hotel is above average, with 4 stars. Antwerp International Airport is 3.4 km (2.1 miles) away. Transport connections are easily accessible via the nearby Berchem Station. A stay in Antwerp is not complete without a visit to Openluchtmuseum voor Beeldhouwkunst, which is situated 1.5 km (0.9 miles) from here.

Each hotel has something different to offer. Find out here which hotel fits best to your wants and needs.

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It’s crucial to do your homework before you book a hotel. There are many websites which can help you with the hard task of getting the most value for your money. Spending a few minutes at it will spare you from days of headache. 

Check weather forecast

 It is always important to check the weather forecast before embarking on your trip. The weather in Antwerp can be quite unpredictable. You can spare yourself from additional costs of buying proper clothing ( even though Antwerp has a fashion Mecca status), or being stuck in the hotel due to lack of preparation.

Check events agendas

Don’t forget to check Antwerp’s events agenda. It would be very disappointing to  miss the amazing events that happen in the city throughout the year. Net Events is the Belgian events agenda; in the website you can find a variety of events for a variety of people.This is Antwerp is another option to check out all of those little special places that locals love to brag about.

Last but not least…

Enjoy the beautiful Antwerp and its main landmarks like Het Steen, Our Lady’s Cathedral of Antwerp, Diamond Museum, The House of Rubens, Antwerp’s Mode Museum, Open Air Museum in Middleheim among others. Antwerp has a lot to offer, especially to the prepared traveler.

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  1. Berg says:

    If you are planning a visit to Antwerp and you are a Art lover, I suggest you not to miss the kunstgalerij (Art Gallery) there. You will cherish the arts portrayed in the exhibitions which are demonstrated by reputed artists. Antwerp is a beautiful place!!