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Rome is considered the eternal city, not only because of its vast and rich history, but also due to its great size and population. The first step when planning a trip to the city, it’s to accept the fact that you will not be able to see everything. Well,unless you have 10 years to spare.

The city has history in every little corner. It has an endless list of museums,landmarks, restaurants… Once you have seen the main ones, maybe it is time to adapt the city to your own interests.

As in any big city in the world, the genuine local businesses are often overlooked. In Rome, there are many Trattorias and family Ristorantes  which are delicious. Tourists fail to experience them due to a mass of touristic restaurants, with less than tasty dishes and skyrocketing prices. It is extremely important to read as much as you can about the city, in order not to miss the real local options.

We have gathered a few of our favorite places in the city, to inspire and encourage you to have a great experience. So get ready to stumble into the cobblestone pavements, be wowed by the amazing architecture and most importantly to enjoy Rome!



The food tour

Immerse yourself in the one of the greatest cuisines in the world. The food tour is a 4 hour-long affair, which will enable you to eat the Testaccio market away. You are going to taste wonderful pasta, desserts, wine, cheese and much more. Get ready to have the gastronomic experience of a lifetime. Tour guides are very knowledgeable and interactive,teaching you everything there is to know about Italian cuisine.


This charming neighborhood will make you feel like you have left Rome. The small village feel, with narrow streets and local restaurants are a good option to a pleasant afternoon.

Formula One pizza

This is a small but well known place among locals. The pizza is made in wooden ovens with very thin crust, the wine is served in jugs and the owner  goes around talking to patrons in this very cozy environment. An amazing little restaurant with very affordable prices.

Testaccio food market 

The market is a great look into the Italian Cuisine, and there you can eat from fresh Cannoli to wonderful cheese, wine and so on. Do not forget to also check the cemetery of Non-Catholics which is right around the corner.

Gelateria Del Teatro 

 This is considered one of the best known gelaterias in Rome. They have a wide variety of gelatos which are all homemade and delicious. In addition they are located in a great location for people watching.


 At Castroni you can find the best coffee and jam, all the ingredient are fresh and coming basically form all Italy and World. This is not a touristic place, there you can have the real taste of Rome!

Pizzaria Bonci

One of the most famous pizzerias in Rome. There you can find more than just a simple pizza. They are made with the finest quality ingredients,  also chef Bonci has created some unusual combinations. The place is very little and it is located just few steps out of the metro station.


Circolo Degli Artisti

This venue hosts all exciting names of upcoming Italian artists in a picturesque environment. It has a huge park/garden, underneath an old aqueduct, attached, with bars distributed throughout it and some cool sculptures. There’s even a pizzeria!

Pride Pub

 It may sound a little weird to go to an English pub in the middle of Rome. But this place is worth the sin! It has a very interesting setting with live music every day of the week. Many choices of food are available from typical English pub food to Italian classics like pasta and pizza, in addition to delicious Tex-Mex style food.

 Big Hilda Bar

 It is one of the favorite bars when around the always bustling Trastevere. The bar looks extremely classy, and drinks are definitely not expensive. Perfect combination.

San Lorenzo

File:San lorenzo e piazza in lucina 051208-02.JPG

  This is a student neighborhood of the University of La Sapienza ( the biggest university in Europe). It has a great mixture of internationals and locals, which inclines the many bars around to have cheaper prices. The downside of the area its that there are some drug dealers and illegal sellers, just say no thank you and continue walking.

 Altrove Occupato

 It is a place with troublesome history but today it is a great location for artists to meet and share ideas. It is housed in a beautiful garden, amazing for Roman summers! It has a great atmosphere for those who believe in change.

Lanificio 159

It is an ex industrial site which now houses a very well known venue for international DJs, art installations and a vintage market on Sundays. During the night the line can get a little overwhelming but it is well worth it.

Please share in the comments below which are your favorite spots in Rome.

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