Top 10 Craziest Competitions Around the World

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Competitions are some of the most celebrated events around the world, and sometimes enabling exquisite people to become a celebrity even if only for a day. Different countries host different competitions, which attract hundreds or even thousands of people to share a common passion.

We have selected some of the quirkiest competitions around the world. Therefore, bring your talents to the table and fight for some of these valuable prizes.

10. The Sauna World Championship – Finland


This Finish championship happens every year in the city of Heinola, where the last competitor whom leaves the 230 degrees sauna, wins. This does not come as a huge surprise as the country is home to 1.7 million saunas, meaning the Finish can take their heat.

The competition lasts for 2 days, divided in 5 rounds for men and 3 rounds for women. Challengers must wear bathing suits, maintain good posture, and be able to walk (as opposed to being carried) out of the sauna. A doctor’s note is required for entry.

9. Miss Russian Army – Russia


In a successful effort to improve reputation and (of course) recruiting more men for the Russian Army, the Miss Russian Army competition or (Beauties in Shoulder Straps) was created.

The female soldiers walk down the catwalk in uniforms, singing songs accompanied by guitarists, crawling in combat uniform, entering tanks, and running with automatic weapons for the audience’s amusement. The winner gets national recognition ( as the competition was televised).

8.  Drag Queen Olympics – Amsterdam,The Netherlands


This comic Olympics is held annually in the city of Amsterdam, where participants showcase their best garments and make up while competing in grueling competitions, and of course, everything on high heels.

The Olympics include traditional sports like the 100m Stiletto Sprint and the Handbag Toss along with new events like the pentathlon (vijfkamp) and weightlifting. Winners get well deserved gold, silver and bronze medals.

7. Extreme Ironing World Championship – Leicester, UK


Do you iron your clothes with a passion? Then you should participate in this competition where the most adventurous ironer wins. The sport can get quite dangerous as participants showcase their ironing talents while mountain climbing, diving, skiing or in other remote areas. Participants are expected to bring their own iron and table with them to these remote locations and proof of their effort.

6. Midget Throwing Competition – Australia

Dwarf tossing_2

The midget throwing competition takes place in Australia, where participants are supposed to throw dwarves wearing special padded clothing or Velcro costumes onto mattresses or at Velcro-coated walls. The competitor that throws the little ones the farthest wins.

The competition is considered highly offensive by some nationals and some legislations have considered a ban on the practice. Proponents of the sport have criticized such moves, with some arguing bans deny dwarfs a possible source of income.

5. Air Guitar Championship – Finland

download (17)

The Finish seem to enjoy praising odd talents, and the air guitar championship is a proof of that. The championship started as part of the Music Video Festival in Oulu and spread out to different locations. Competitors are expected to showcase their best skills (pretending) playing rock or heavy metal-style electric guitar solos, without a guitar. Regulations forbid the use of any real instruments and of course competitors take it very seriously.

4.  World Beard and Mustache Competition – Oregon U.S.A


This weird competition caters to carefully groomed men. They search for the most inventive and perfectly sculpted facial hair in the nation. Some of the most peculiar participants have sported beards and mustaches with the shapes of the Golden Gate Bridge, Buckingham Palace or many other abstract pieces of hairy art.

3.  The Hanging High Iron Competition – Worldwide

2009 World High Wire Championships Takes Place In Seoul

Would you like to earn $10,000 USD to walk a few meters? Then you should participate in the Hanging High Iron Competition. Well, we shouldn’t forget to mention that you will be walking 80 feet in the air on a 1.5-inch-wide wire above Seoul’s Han River. with medics on hand in case a contestant ends up in the drink, there’s a 20-minute time limit for the course.

2. World Pillow Fighting Championship – Kenwood, U.S.A


The competition is held every July in Kenwood, California. Contestants hold a wet feather pillow in one hand and a slither along a slippery pole suspended over a pit of mud. The rules are simple: competitors are not supposed to touch the pole and they cannot use their feet in order to unseat the opponent. Each contestant must swing the pillow with one or both hands for every 30 seconds until they manage to topple their opponents into the mud.

1. Worm Charming Championship – Willaston, U.K


Hundreds of TV crew members, worm dressed people and residents flock to the Worm Charming Championship  in the village of Willaston, near Nantwich, Cheshire yearly.

Charmers come from all over the world for a 10-minute muddy madness – banging, tapping and stabbing the ground with pitchforks to attract worms to the surface. The competition started in 1980, organized by John Bailey, who wrote the original rules for the competition. One of the contestants has even made into the Guinness World Records, Tom Shufflebotham, which managed to collect 511 worms in 30 minutes.

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Do you have any quirky competition in your area? Please share them with us in the comments below.



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