Top 10 Most Naturally Dangerous Places in the World.

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Nature is an always evolving masterpiece which never cease to surprise us, from breathtaking landscapes to horrific natural disasters, it seems like the world we live in tries to talk to us constantly, in cryptic yet obvious ways.

And if you are anything like us, you will enjoy this post which is not for the faint of heart, a list of the most spine-chilling natural locations in the world. They are beautiful natural wonders that need to be visited with extreme caution or not be visited at all.

But for the sake of curiosity, we have selected some of the world’s most beautiful and deadly locations, for an adrenaline filled expedition or complete avoidance. So, put on your helmets and join us on a trip around the top 10 most naturally dangerous places in the world.

10. Thetford Mines – Canada


The open-pit mine operates only during the summer, from May to November, when you can take a bus tour of the mine. The tour promises to enter the working mine and visit the plant, where asbestos fibers are packed. While undoubtedly fascinating, the idea of touring an active asbestos mine may be questionable.

Asbestos is composed by fibers that when split cause a dust, which could be inhaled or swallowed,  if any of these happen the effect is deadly. While it seems like a fascinating experience, we do not encourage taking part of this free tour(would you expect it to be any other way?). If you insist, don’t forget your full body bio-hazard suit. We know we won’t.

9. Alnwick Poison Gardens – England

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The complex of gardens Alnwick is the most secured dangerous place in our list. Not due to the various species of very poisonous plants, but the way in which it is controlled. This is a garden in the property of the English duchess Jany Percy. The garden is especially dedicated to poisonous and narcotic plants, where the most dangerous ones are all very well locked in cages. Flame-shaped beds contain belladonna, tobacco and mandrake. The Alnwick Garden has a Home Office license to grow some very special plants; namely, cannabis and coca which are also found behind bars in giant cages – for obvious reasons.

8. Izu Islands – Japan


The Izu Islands are a group of volcanic islands stretching south and east from the Izu Peninsula of Honsh, China.  These islands currently form two towns and six villages which are still inhabited. The location of these islands is placed exactly in the junction of three tectonic plates, which adds to the probability of volcanic activity. In 1953, an eruption killed 53 people, while in 2000 residents had to evacuate due to its activity. They have been allowed to move back into their houses since, but nowadays residents are encouraged to have gas masks at hand due to the high emission of toxic gases.

7. The Door to Hell – Turkmenistan


This geological structure of 70 meters in diameter was drilled by Soviets in the hopes of finding oil mines in the area. During the drilling the soil broke, revealing a crater that emits toxic gases. These gases quickly spread, killing hundreds of people in the nearby villages. Due to the disaster, researchers tried to find a way in order to fix the problems with the toxic gas. What is the solution you may ask, To burn it, as they believed fire would cease in a few days, which was not the case. Due to the miscalculated effort the pit spits fire to this day and although it looks like a hell of a place, we prefer to admire it through pictures, thank you very much.

6. Crystal Cave – Mexico


Who wouldn’t like to visit a place where crystals go up to 11 meters in height, 4 meters in diameter and weight approximately 500 tons can be found? But did you also know that for this marvel to exist, you would have to face a temperature of around 50 degrees Celsius and humidity oscillating in between 90%-100%? This natural marvel is found in the city of Chihuahua in Mexico, which is the biggest zinc, silver, and lead source in the world. An unequipped person would survive for around 10 minutes inside the cave. So make sure to be equipped before having your crystalline wandering.

5. Dominica Boiling Lake – Dominica Island


Do you enjoy relaxing in thermal waters with a drink at hand? This would be completely possible here if the waters weren’t a bit too hot. 197 degrees Celsius to be exact. The water is constantly boiling, and if it wasn’t dangerous enough, the rocks surrounding the lakes are extremely slippery due to the local climate. So don’t get too close when taking a picture.

4. Mud Volcanoes – Azerbaijan


Are you afraid of getting burnt in this volcanoes, do not worry they are cold… very cold. That is the main reason why people underestimate their dangers, but once eruption starts, the volcanoes shoot mud up to hundreds of meters, but due to gravity they return to the soil in a very heavy consistency. Therefore, if you get hit in the head, you will be out before you know it. These eruptions have killed many shepherd and sheep in Azerbaijan, where one third of all mud volcanoes in the world are located.

3. Ilha da Queimada Grande – Brazil


This beautiful island is located only 35 kilometers from the coast of Sao Paulo, which in itself seems like a pleasant place to kill a few days. Well, go ahead if you don’t mind some venomous snakes. And by some we mean five per square meter. The species that live there is the Pit Viper, the golden lance-head. This species of snake is responsible for 90% of deadly snakebite fatalities in Brazil. If you are still considering, maybe with the fact that their fast-acting poison melts the flesh around their bites may convince you otherwise. This place is so dangerous that a permit is required to visit.

2. Nyos Lake – Cameroon

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“I was surrounded by dead people, inside, outside and behind the houses. Dead animals also everywhere, I was very confused. In my family we were 56, but 53 of them died”. This is a statement given by Monica Lom Ngong to the BBC. They used to live in the surroundings of Cameroon’s Nyos lake in 1986. A tragedy occurred during this year, killing over 1800 people living in the surroundings of the Oku mount. The lake is situated in the flank of a deep inactive volcano, which makes its waters to become rich in Carbon Monoxide, a very toxic substance to human beings. Other lakes in Africa share the same characteristics, therefore research well before booking your trip.

1. Bolton Strid – England


You must think this is a joke. How come this beautiful little river could be the most naturally dangerous place in the world? There is a statistics flying around the world which says that 100% of people that bathed in this river, never returned (A.K.A they are dead!). Although it is a very narrow river, it has extremely deep waters as well as a very strong stream. In reality, this river is a continuation of Wharfe River, located in Yorkshire, which flows a large amount of water coming from the river. Therefore stay away from this seemingly inoffensive river.

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