Top Places to Visit in San Francisco

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San Francisco is one of the most popular cities in the U.S. among tourists, who come to see all of the worldwide famous attractions, featured in most Hollywood films and series, turning them familiar to the rest of the world.

The city is located at the tip of a peninsula between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific coats. With its steep rolling hills, and renowned summer fogs, Victorian architecture, cable cars and beautiful vistas.

Although it is almost impossible to cover everything in one weekend, we have selected some of the spots that are a must see around the city.

7. Palace of Fine Arts


The structure, remaining from 1915 World’s Fair, features a classical Roman rotunda with curved colonnades and a beautiful park and its European styled lagoon. The place is a favorite among tourists for a relaxing picnic as well as a great location for a variety of shows, musicals and cultural events.

6. Alamo Square


This iconic residential neighborhood and park is one of the best insights into the lively San Francisco, and it is often featured in many postcards of the city. The Victorian houses also add to the charm of the area, which also offer visitors a playground area as well as a tennis court. On a clear day, the Transamerica Pyramid building and the tops of the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge can be seen from the park’s center.

5. Lombard Street


The city is famously known for its crooked shape, it is a one-block portion of Lombard Street that contains eight hairpin turns was created to reduce the hill’s natural steep slope. The speed limit in this section is a mere 5 mph (8 km/h). You can actually stand in the sidewalk and clock how long it take for cars to make their way through the zig zag streets.

4. Chinatown


Walking through the dragon-adorned Pagoda Gates leads visitors into the colorful and exciting area of San Francisco known as Chinatown. It is tightly packed with exotic shops, ethnic food markets, and excellent restaurants. In February each year, the Chinese New Year is celebrated here with parades and dancing dragons.

3. Alcatraz


Also known as The Rock, the island of Alcatraz has served as a military fortification, and a prison. Some of the notorious criminals that did their time in the middle of the freezing San Francisco Bay included Machine Gun Kelly and Al Capone. Alcatraz was believed to be inescapable, which was put to test by Frank Morris, and brothers John and Clarence Anglin using an inflatable raft made of several stolen raincoats. Today, the former prison serve as a historic site and tourist attraction.

 2. Soma Streat Food Park


If you get hungry while exploring the city, make sure to check Food Streat Park for a variety of food trucks, which always change depending on the day. The place also organizes different parties, game nights as well as a beer garden.

1. Japanese Tea Garden


The oldest public Japanese garden in the United States, the park sports many paths, ponds and tea house features native Japanese and Chinese plants. The park serves as a great alternative for the end of a busy day exploring, it can be visited by families for a very unique experience surrounded by nature.

 What is your favorite place in San Francisco? Please share them in the comments below.

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