Top reviewed 2 star Amsterdam hotels of 2010

Find below the best reviewed 2 star hotels in Amsterdam of 2010.

Only hotels which have a direct contract with are listed in the chart. Only the top 20 best performing hotels are shown in the charts. Results mentioning 20+ indicates that the hotel was not in the top 20 of the best reviewed Amsterdam hotels in that specific category.

The chart takes into consideration all hotels which received 10 or more reviews in 2010. Hotels which received less than 10 reviews are not in the list because it is hard to give weight to their results. Because the chart uses only reviews of 2010 there may be differences with the scores seen on the website which uses reviews given over any date.

In the chart you can find the top 20 best reviewed 2 star Amsterdam hotels in a few different categories. The categories are:

* General Impression
* Facilities
* Staff
* Price/Quality
* Cleanliness

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Best reviewed Amsterdam hotels of 2010