Coming up: the best reviewed hotels in Amsterdam of 2010


Announcement Top Reviewed Amsterdam Hotels Charts

Thousands of bookings are made on every day. When deciding on what hotel to stay in, people value each other’s opinions on the hotels on offer. Although the opinions of guests can differ quite a lot, the opinions altogether form a trustworthy impression for possible future guests.

Now how do we collect these opinions? When guests stayed at a hotel, we send them an e-mail with a request to fill in a small and simple questionnaire, in which they can tell us about their experiences in the hotel. Luckily a large percentage of the total number of guests is willing to fill in this questionnaire to help inform other travelers.

Here at we thought it might be cool to do something special with all the data. One of the things we came up with is creating charts of the hotels with the best reviews in 2010.

One week from today, we will publish our first top 20 best reviewed hotels in Amsterdam, categorized per star class. We will separate specified topics that guests gave their opinion about, such as cleanliness, staff and price/quality.

One of the goals of the charts we will make is to show hotels how they perform, compared to other accommodations in the same star class, through the eyes of the guests. In addition, these charts will be useful as a source of reference for potential future guests, a little travel advice.

Next week’s blog post will not only contain the results with the hotels that best performed in the eyes of guests that stayed there, we will also clarify the criteria for the charts, and the use of the categories.

Stay tuned!

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  1. elsas says:

    can’t wait to go there!

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