Most Romantic Hotels in Europe


A romantic getaway is always nice to refresh your mind and escape from the sometimes boring daily reality. There are plenty of hotels around Europe where you can go with your partner in order to experience some romance and fully enjoy each other. Some hotels took it to the next level and designed a special room setting, or even their entire hotel, in order to attract couples that want to stay indoors and just be together all day long. After thorough research I came up with this list of the “Most Romantic Hotels in Europe”. These hotels are just mind-blowing! As soon as I get the chance, I will visit at least one of them with my partner.

1. Hotel De-Banville,Paris

166 Boulevard Berthier, 75017 Paris

Hotel De-Banville

Our first hotel is located in Paris, not so shocking you probably think, well, I agree. Paris, the “City of Light” is one, if not the most romantic cities in Europe. The beautiful streets, small cafés, fashion boutiques and the general atmosphere all make it a sought after destination for couples in love. Hotel “De-Banville” is located just a few minutes from the beautiful Arc de Triomphe and the Palais des Congrès. The hotel interior design was inspired by the 1930s and every piece of furniture was handpicked and placed with a lot of thought behind it. Not only the design will make your vacation like a dream, but also the excellent service and the magnificent views of the famous “Eiffel Tower” will surprise you.

2. Neri H and R, Barcelona

San Sever 5, 08002 Barcelona

Neri H and R Barcelona

This magnificent hotel is not only romantic but it also has an amazing history. The hotel was partly destroyed during the civil war and has been renovated with the use of dark wood and stone materials. This special design makes the hotel stand out in this beautiful city and you will fall in love with it even before you enter the front door. The hotel’s general feeling is one of total relaxation and freedom. The rooms are decorated with the highest standard and each room has its own special look. When staying in the “Neri H and R Barcelona”, you won’t have to leave the hotel at all. The hotel’s restaurant is absolutely delicious and after a good dinner you can go up to the roof penthouse, (where you also find the solarium) to enjoy your night, with the city views all around you.

3. Satini Residence, Prague

Nerudova 211/14, 11800 Prague

Satini Residence

Prague is another romantic city which I am personally in love with. The city has so much to offer that a week there will pass by quickly. Because you only live once, why not experience this amazing capital to the fullest? By ‘to the fullest’ I am talking about staying in a luxury castle! The hotel’s interior design was restored in order to keep the look as it used to be in the 17th century: wooden ceilings, fresco wall paintings and other factors make it unique and totally romantic. Another benefit makes the “Satini Residence” so special is its central location, near all the main attractions Prague has to offer.

4. Boscolo Hotel Aleph, Rome

Via San Basilio 15, 00187 Rome

Boscolo Hotel Aleph

A runner up for its romantic atmosphere is located in a ridiculously romantic city: Rome. Once you enter the hotel you will notice great art works that will make your stay much more interesting. The hotel was designed by talented architect Adam D. Tihany, who combined his vision with the great thoughts of his son, gifted photographer Bram Tihany. Bram and Adam created a place which is magical, intriguing and very romantic to stay in. Relax and enjoy each other’s company in the lavish spa where you will be pampered with massages, sauna and other treats.

5.Sanderson A Morgans Hotel, London

50 Berners Street, W1T 3NG London

Sanderson A Morgans Hotel

Last but not least on my list is the luxurious “Sanderson” hotel in London. Same like everything else in London, the hotel is chic, elegant, fashionable and very cool. This boutique hotel is famous for its mind-blowing design: statement furniture, a catwalk- like bar area, an extremely stylish restaurant and this accommodation holds even more surprises. Part of the fun of going on a romantic trip is (in my opinionJ) to laugh a lot together; you can be sure that you will have lot of laughs here, there is something so vibrant and naughty in the atmosphere there, you simply won’t be able to stop smiling.

As there are so many romantic hotels in Europe the list can go on and on and on… However, I decided to keep it simple and write only about the ones that started the best day dreams for me about my next holiday… enjoy!

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