Top Berlin blogs: a tale of two cities?


Having covered Paris, Rome and Amsterdam in our ‘top blogs’ series, we’ve decided to keep up the momentum with one of Europe’s most fabulous cities: Berlin.
Berlin has so much to offer and teach; culturally and historically it’s one of our richest cities.

Around 80% of Berlin was destroyed during the Second World War. The separation of East and West didn’t do much to help reparation of the city, but more recently great buildings such as those on Museumsinsel have been restored to their former grandeur. That said, even two decades following the fall of the Berlin Wall, the dichotomy of the city is still apparent. Berlin has become a city full of secrets that draws tourists from over the world.

Wonders of Berlin

Wonders of Berlin

We previously gave you tips from our Berlin local, Lisa, as well as an alphabetical rundown in our Berlin A-Z. It’s now time to look beyond our knowledge and identify some expert Berlin bloggers. Besides English, we’ve also included German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian blogs, for a greater degree of variety.

So, without further ado, here’s our list of Top Berlin blogs:

Alternative Berlin is an inspiring site about street art and culture in Berlin. Urban art projects, squat houses and communes spill their secrets here.
The “Linda’s Ex Campaign” was developed by an artist who wanted to get his girlfriend back and wrote poignant love letters all over the city asking her to come back. The whole city was touched by the gesture, and people were eager to reunite the tragic couple. This instance illustrates the engagement of street art with Berlin’s citizens.

Bang Bang Berlin will give you loads of information about fashion, arts and the buzzing club scene in Berlin.

Berlin Cheese Cake is run by Emily Vanessa, a British girl who has travelled a lot and has been living in Berlin for 3 years. She publishes many Berlin recipes and photos of the city.

Das Berlin Blog is written by Aaron Wiener, an American journalist living in Berlin. His writing offers a fresh and intelligent view of the German culture and Berlin.

Slow Travel Berlin is a relevant website that aims to teach people how to travel in Berlin and encourages them to enjoy their journey as much as possible.  “Slow Travel encourages people to resist “Fast” Travel – the frustratingly frequent habit of speeding through all the best known landmarks of a city in 24 or 48 hours – then leaving again.”

Finding Berlin is an online magazine dedicated to Berlin and its culture. The authors of this website share photos, videos, city anecdotes, and urban art… everything that gives a fresh image of Berlin to visitors and residents alike.

Berlin Reified offers many lovely photos and lots of insider info. Sylee Gore, the owner of the blog, shares insights with a personal touch, making it a beautiful blog to share.

U Berlin is run by two native English speakers, Zoe and James, who share their experience and their life on this blog. There is no way to get closer to a  place than to get to know the people who live there.

I Heart Berlin is run by a group of local people who love the city – and you can see it through their blog. They want to share all the things they love about the city with tourists and other locals. As they say, “…if you visit or live in Berlin and want to know how to find the good stuff. From restaurants to shops, from theaters to art galleries, from concerts to party, from places to people”.

Foodie in Berlin is another great blog about food in Berlin. This one is run by Suzy, who was born in Kuwait and has been travelling a lot. Now she lives in Berlin. Suzy shares her likes and dislikes and of course her food passion. “Yes, I like to eat but not half as much as I like everything that goes with eating.”

Needle Berlin is a guide for people who would like to move to Berlin. You can find all the information you need, about costs (mobile phones, apartment), about neighborhood, about safety, about transport, about learning the German language and even more about films and books. As we can say: almost everything you’ll need to move in the best way.

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall (1)

Generation Berlin is a funny and well-written French website about the life of Manon, a French expat in Berlin. Manon writes about her life in Berlin and the ups and downs that go with it.

Berlin-Blog covers a wide range of issues arising from Berlin life. Politics, lifestyle, art and culture all make appearances in this intelligent take on Berlin and the rest of Germany.

In Notes of Berlin Joab Nist, the owner of this blog, posts on all the notes that Berlin leaves everyday in the city. Guests can also submit notes that they have found around the city.

My Berlino is a useful website that shares a lot of relevant information about the city and events scheduled.

Berlijn Blog is run by Marjolein, a Dutch expat who lives in Berlin. She writes about her life in Berlin and what it’s like to live there. She also talks about restaurants, cool spots, parties, news and loads of other fun things that Berlin has to offer.


Reichstag (2)

Well, this is my list so far, but if I’ve missed something critical out of here, feel free to comment or send us an e-mail. We will review it and, eventually, add it to our list of favorite Berlin Blogs.

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